Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Injection done right

Our Foundation Crack Repair Video explains the process for repairing a concrete foundation crack the right way using a low pressure crack injection system. Using this method we can ensure that our crack injection material makes its way all the way to the outside of the crack unlike some of the “high pressure” type injections that we’ve had the pleasure of repairing externally because they just didn’t work properly.

Fixing a Botched Crack Repair

This video shows a typical fix we see home owners or perhaps a home owners friend try to execute on a foundation crack. This is where hydraulic cement was used to cover the foundation crack with hopes that it would stop the water from entering. This kind of repair only lasts 1 to 2 years before it starts leaking and destroying the finishings that were put in place.

Do you have leaking basement foundation cracks? Get them fixed right!

Let H&N Basement Worx Solve Your Problem Permanently

Due to the fact that there are so many companies offering foundation crack repair services these days you really want to make sure you choose your service provider wisely.  With all the information available on the internet on how to repair a foundation crack, it will likely leave you more confused than informed.

You’ll be left wondering which method really is the best, should I get my crack repaired on the inside or should I have it sealed on the outside?  Some companies will only do internal crack repairs while others may only do them from the outside…so how do you know which one is best for you?

After repairing as many foundations as we have and knowing which method works best for any given situation we ask you this - do you really want the lowest priced contractor fixing your foundation crack?  We’re certain that once you hear about all the botched crack repairs we’ve seen and had to properly repair because the home owner thought they were getting a “DEAL”… we’re sure you’ll answer that question with a NO!

We offer solutions from both the inside and the outside using the most innovative, effective and affordable methods to repair your foundation to keep it dry, safe and comfortable for all.  Because of our ethical nature we do not use the ”band aid approach” when recommending a solution for your foundation so you can be certain the choice we make together will be the one that lasts.

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