Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

External Waterproofing

External Waterproofing Repair to a Stone Foundation

This video talks about the problems faced with a 100 year old stone foundation home in Hamilton. Grading problems, no drainage system (weeping tile) in place when it was built and the resulting problems this created. We excavated the stone foundation, waterproofed the stone walls and introduced a weeping tile system to remove the water from the base of the foundation and added extra gravel for better drainage.

Permanent foundation repair solutions that keep water out for good!

Using innovative ”state of the art” products is what guarantee’s our success.  Given the opportunity we will properly seal your basement so it stays dry for many years to come.  To learn more about our guaranteed external waterproofing process click here and you will be guided to our foundation repair page.  If you want us to inspect your foundation and provide you with a formal proposal click here or call 289-880-7988 to schedule an appointment.