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Eliminate Your Damp Leaky Basement Using Proven Solutions That Are Guaranteed To Last!

Which of the following scenario's best describes your situation?

1. You've discovered a wet spot on your basement carpet

2. The baseboards have swollen and are showing signs of water damage

3. There's puddle of water at the spot where the concrete floor meets the foundation or from that crack in the wall

4. Your basement smells musty and the foundation walls are always damp

No matter which problem you are faced with we can definitely help you resolve that problem and make sure it never comes back to haunt you again.  Click here to discover the reason your basement is leaking.

Get Your Leaky Basement Fixed Right... The First Time

Let's be honest here - trying to select a contractor whom you can trust other than the "big guys" who have been around for years and charge you through the nose for their services can be a very difficult task.  There are quite a few company's to choose from that can fix your problems but the hard part is deciding who will do it properly for the right amount of money and stand behind their work 100%.

Let's face it, the only time you need to hire a waterproofing company is when?? When you have a wet basement.  Fact is you've either been putting it off and not wanting to deal with it OR it has just reared its ugly head and you need to get it fixed ASAP.  And let me ask you this... how many of these companies does the average person associate with on an ongoing basis???  HINT - not very many!!

It's a service you ONLY need when you have a basement that is damp, wet or leaks, a foundation that is crumbling, a wall that is bowed or when you decide it's time to rid your basement of that damp, musty smell.  Click here to learn why your basement is leaking.

We Offer Sound Advice With A

No Pressure Approach

If you're like most people I talk to you likely haven't had much time to research the topic of how to properly waterproof or repair your basement foundation... until you get an estimate of 10 to 20 thousand dollars to fix what you thought was a small issue!

I meet people every day who are confused about how to address their problem and it almost always stems from this - the home owner contacts 3 to 5 different companies trying to establish a reasonable price and gets conflicting advice or solutions to their problem. 

Why does this happen?  Well, after completing on average 5 to 6 home visits every weekday for 4 months straight you begin to see a pattern.  That pattern looks like this:

The home owner (you) doesn't know who to call about their basement problem so you visit the yellow pages or do an online search for waterproofing or foundation repair contractors.

Once there they find many of the ads or websites all have the exact same message which makes your job of picking the best one near impossible.  Most just say they can fix your problems or give 6-7 reasons why you should deal with them blah blah blah.

Which one should you call... the one with the biggest ad or the one with the smallest ad? Which one will actually solve your problem and not over charge you? Which one can you trust to be in your home if you aren't able to be there?

So then you call 2 or three different companies to come out and look at your issue and after it's all said and done you will likely have 2 to 3 different solutions to your problem.

The search method described above is exactly why a lot of the home owners I see are so confused.  Some (but not all) of these companies make it seem like fixing your problem is a really big deal but the reality of the situation is that waterproofing isn't rocket science.  Click here and find out why your basement is leaking.

Choose A Company That Cares

H&N Basement Worx is a company that can repair your leaky basement from the inside or the outside of your home depending on your circumstances. The quality & professionalism of our workmanship, the cleanliness of our projects & overall satisfaction are second to none. 

Don't just take our word on it.  We'll provide you with references from home owners just like you that will tell you we actually do what we say we will and not charge you a penny more.

Get The Sound Advice You Deserve

After reading this far I can assume you don't have a trusting "someone" you can rely on to educate or advise you on how to properly fix your problem.  If this is the case and you are open to having a candid no pressure discussion about how to properly diagnose and fix your basement I would like to offer you the opportunity to contact me at your convenience.

You may also choose to further educate yourself by clicking here.  Once there you will be able to choose the type of foundation you have and the most common problems associated with it.