Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

As you take the last step down the stairs into your basement your foot hits the floor and “splat” your sock is instantly soaked.  Now what… Looks like it’s time to find yourself a competent contractor to diagnose the problem and provide a solution that suits your comfort level and your price range.  Heck it can’t be that difficult can it? 

Before we go any further let me ask you this…how many waterproofing contractors do you have on your contact list?  If you are here reading this post I am going to guess none.  At this point you have probably talked to your neighbours, your co-workers, your close friends and have come up empty handed.  So the next step is what…to do some web surfing in order to educate yourself on basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors. 

After doing some research you quickly find that there are multiple companies offering many different solutions to repair your foundation so it doesn’t leak anymore.  Question is how do you know which company is any better, any different or any worse than any of the others.  This one says you should do it this way and that one says that their way is the best way to do it but how are you to choose??

If you’ve never had to deal with a waterproofing contractor you may find the task of choosing the right one rather difficult.  Like many other trades the waterproofing industry has a negative stigma attached to it as there are many “fly by night” or “pick up truck renegades” running around offering uninsured, discounted services.  In order to protect yourself you will want to stay away from these types of companies and deal with legitamate contractors that will stand behind their work. 

For starters, before you hire the right contractor for the task at hand make sure the contractor you choose:

  • Has a valid Business License in the province of Ontario
  • Has been an independent waterproofing contractor for at least 3 years
  • Has at least $2 Million Liability Insurance policy and WSIB Insurance coverage
  • Has a valid HST/CRA Number
  • Has passed the following background checks (credit, criminal, driver’s license, education, employment if applicable)
  • Provides you with excellent customer references
  • Provides you with satisfactory evidence of its implementation and adherence to minimum operational systems and standards

In conjunction with the above the contractor should be able to present to you a solution much like an attorney supplies to the court its case.  It should be backed up with experience, evidence of prior work performed and successful testimonial to verify his/her true character.  If a problem should arise during the project is the person or company you hired easy to work with or is it difficult to come to a resolve?

You will find it easier to deal with a small to medium sized company than a large franchised type company when it comes to basement waterproofing.  Having direct contact with the owner of the company who has his finger on every facet of the business and is able to make a quick decision is really what you want.  Dealing with an employee who only cares about getting paid at the end of the week can lead to long delays of your project should a problem pop up.

That being said, H&N Basement Worx works closely with each home owner to ensure the project runs smoothly from beginning to end.  We treat each home as it were our own and provide each home owner with a written guarantee at the end of each project.  If you are looking for a first class contractor to help resolve your wet basement issues feel free to put us to the test.  You’ll be glad you did!


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