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Exterior waterproofing

Finding water where it shouldn't be around your basement's exterior isn't just bothersome—it's a sign that something bigger may be amiss. But fear not, we're here to extend a helping hand.
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Exterior basement waterproofing h&n basement worx

Secure your home with exterior basement waterproofing

Could a wet exterior be undermining the structural integrity of your home? Don't let it dampen your spirits. At H&N Basement Worx, we shield your home from water damage with our exceptional exterior basement waterproofing solutions, ensuring steadfast protection for your investment.

Exterior basement waterproofing, the most effective solution to a leaking foundation

At H&N Basement Worx, we know that finding the right fix for a wet basement starts outside your home. Exterior basement waterproofing is all about setting up strong defenses to keep water away from your foundation in the first place. This method isn't just us talking—it's backed by the International Building Code as the gold standard to prevent water damage.

We apply sealants, install drainage, and put in sump pumps to keep your basement dry. It's like giving your home a shield against water. Yes, it takes a bit of digging and work around the outside of your house, but believe us, it's worth it. This approach is hands-down the most effective way to keep your basement dry and your home safe. You can count on us to do it right, without overcomplicating things.

Our step-by-step waterproofing process

Waterproofing your basement is a carefully planned journey, especially when dealing with leaks. We’re here to walk you through our straightforward, reliable process, ensuring your basement stays dry and secure. Here's how we do it, step by step—no surprises.
  • Site survey is conducted to determine the following
    • where to pile the dirt that comes out of the excavated trench we will make,
    • where we can pile necessary construction materials such as gravel
    • where we can safely park trailers, machinery, etc.

    Sometimes we require permission from a neighbour to pile dirt on their property in order to conduct our work. We also decide how the site is to be protected, where we need to protect the ground with plywood, and how the site is to be managed during the course of the work.  We want to make sure you are still able to get into your home throughout the project.

  • Utility locates are ordered and a building permit is applied for (if required).

    At this time we select a start date, apply for a building permit and order utility locates a few weeks before the digging begins.

  • Materials/Equipment are delivered & the digging begins

    Ground protection boards and shoring sections are dropped on site and the digging begins. Foundation walls/footings are exposed and pressure washed thoroughly.  If there are any cracks present we apply the first line of defense – hydraulic cement.

  • Sealing off the walls

    A rubber membrane is then applied to the area that has been cleaned which seals the foundation wall.  This membrane is environmentally safe, waterbased, non toxic product.  Once cured it leaves your foundation with a seamless coating that is unaffected by a range of acids, alkalis, waterborne salts, ultra violet rays and is resistant to biological deterioration!

  • Last line of defense

    A dimpled sheet air-gap membrane called Delta MS is installed over top of the rubber membrane and helps provide hydrostatic relief… which is what forced the water through your foundation in the first place.

  • New weeping tile is now ready to be installed.

    Weeping tile is a 4″ corrugated plastic pipe with slits around the perimeter running the full length of the pipe and is also covered with a filter fabric.

  • Gravel is installed

    ¾” clear gravel is installed over the weeping tile to meet with The Ontario building code. 

  • A filter fabric is installed

    A heavy duty Filter fabric is installed over the gravel to prevent dirt from getting into the freshly laid gravel bed.  We do this as most of the water that enters the gravel layer comes from above which will only bring with it the dirt that we will be backfilling with once the job is complete. This will also keep the gravel from becoming plugged up in the future.

  • Inspections

    If a permit was obtained a building inspector will be called.  The inspector will ensure that the installation of our system is up to code.  Once he sees that everything is in order it is time for the next step.

  • Backfilling

    Backfilling of the trench is now ready to take place and the native soil that was removed is now placed back along side your foundation.

  • Final cleanup

    Final clean up is completed and all materials and equipment is removed from the site.

*NOTE* The above is an example of a typical exterior project but this is not always the case. Sometimes we do not have access for a machine to do the digging or we cannot pile the dirt directly beside the hole so the need for hand digging and dirt relocation must be performed. This will be discussed during our initial consultation so you are informed before committing to anything we decide to do together.

Exterior basement waterproofing & your foundation type

Foundation type plays a big part in the overall price you’re going to pay to get everything sealed up so it doesn’t leak anymore. The description noted above is fairly typical when you apply it to a poured concrete foundation and in most cases a concrete block foundation. It’s quite common to find additional issues with block foundations that we cover in the block foundation repair section of our website. Sometimes these issues are hidden because the basement is finished and are undetected until the exterior has been excavated.

Stone or rubble foundations usually require additional work before they can be successfully waterproofed from the exterior side. Most times the extra work involved is well worth it as it restores the integrity of the foundation and ensures the structure remains sound for another lifetime when done properly. To learn more about this scenario you can visit our stone foundation repair page.