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Protect your home from unwanted moisture. Window wells done right keep your basement dry and secure.
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The lowdown on window wells: prevention beats repair

Window wells, often unnoticed, play a vital role in keeping your basement free from moisture. But when they're not working properly, they can lead to a host of issues that are both inconvenient and costly. Bad window wells can allow water to pool, putting pressure on your basement windows and walls which can lead to leaks, mold growth, and structural damage. Instead of being a barrier, they become a breach.

Keeping your window wells in top shape

Window wells serve two key roles—they stop soil from pressing against your basement windows and let sunlight stream in. But it’s vital they’re set up right to avoid any water trouble.

A well-fitted window well needs a drainage system to direct water down to your weeping tiles. Often, a good layer of gravel does the trick, letting the ground soak up the rainwater. But if there isn’t a drain in place, you might need some help getting one installed—it’s important to get it done correctly to avoid future issues.

Essential window well maintenance

Got window wells? Keep them clear to prevent water from pooling and turning your basement into a wading pool. If water's creeping in and you're facing a wet mess, you're in the right spot with H&N Basement Worx.Most likely, your window well isn't draining as it should. Maybe it's missing proper drainage like a gravel layer or a pipe that connects to the weeping tiles. Or perhaps, a sneaky blockage is keeping the water from flowing away.Remember, replacing windows might not fix a leak. Windows fend off rain but can't hold back a flood. If your well backs up, water's going to get in no matter what. Let's fix the real problem and keep your basement bone-dry.

Revolutionizing window well maintenance with hydrovac

Here at H&N Basement Worx, we’re changing the game when it comes to window well maintenance. By employing the innovative hydrovac process, we’re making the repair and waterproofing of your home’s foundation cleaner, smoother, and less intrusive. This advanced technology allows us to safely excavate around your foundation and window wells without the mess or risk of damaging underground utilities.

Imagine fixing drainage issues, installing waterproofing systems, and cleaning out window wells without the disruption of traditional excavation methods. That’s what we’re offering. Our hydrovac process ensures that your property stays tidy throughout the work, minimizing impact on your daily life and preserving your landscape.

It’s not just about doing the job, it’s about doing the job right, with the least inconvenience to you. With H&N Basement Worx, you’re getting a partner committed to providing you with the best solutions and peace of mind, all while keeping your yard looking its best.

Window wells letting water in your basement? Here's why:

Window wells sit lower than the ground, and sometimes, they let water slip past your window. Here are a few usual suspects:
  • Paper, leaves, snow, or other debris pile up

    Check your window wells on a regular basis to make sure they are clean. If the well becomes packed with things like paper, leaves, snow and other things of that nature it will be difficult at best for water to drain away from the window.

  • Dirt gets into the well and plugs the drain

    Soil can enter the well and cause problems if the window well is the wrong size.  The biggest problem we see all too often is that the window well originally installed by the builder is not tall enough.  They install the bottom of the window well at the same level as the bottom of the window and over time the soil at the bottom of the steel well undermines it and starts to clog up the gravel layer.

  • Gravel layer becomes plugged

    For wells that do not have a drain wet soil can clog up the gravel, and will prevent water from draining. When this happens it’s time to shovel out the clogged up gravel, and replace it with new gravel. 

  • Window well not fastened to the foundation

    As the soil around your house settles, or simply due to the ground freezing and thawing over time, the window well has the potential to move and come away from the house. If this happens you will find that dirt will start coming in and clogging up the drainage system. If this happens, the window well will need to be dug out and either reinstalled or a new well will need to be properly attached to the foundation.