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Crack injection repair

Stumbling upon a crack in your concrete foundation, leaky or otherwise, can certainly be unsettling, as it can signal potentially expensive fixes. Fortunately, we're here to help.
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Crack injection repair h&n basement worx

Dealing with foundation cracks? Bring in the experts.

Finding a crack in your concrete foundation, whether it's leaking or not, should prompt a closer look. You might wonder if every crack is a major worry and whether fix-ups are best handled from the inside or outside. Here, we’re focusing on interior crack repair. It’s the go-to choice for many due to cost-effectiveness or external obstructions. This method, often done through injection, is today's most favored approach to mend foundation cracks.

Vertical cracks

Spotted a vertical crack in your foundation? Don't worry, you've got plenty of company. These cracks, whether straight or slightly diagonal, are the most common and least alarming issues we see in both new and time-tested homes.

Often found by windows, beams, or the center of your wall, these are primarily due to your home settling down after construction—a perfectly natural process. And here's some good news: they're the easiest and most cost-effective to fix.

Fortunately, we've got just the right fix. Our method? Injecting the cracks with a top-notch expansion resin or a sturdy two-part epoxy. This seals the crack thoroughly, ensuring your foundation remains leak-free, all without stretching your budget.
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Diagonal cracks

Got a diagonal crack across your foundation, running at an angle? It's something we see a lot and know just how to handle. These cracks usually start small but can widen at one end, often caused by the ground shifting under your home or due to its position on a slope.

Diagonal foundation cracks might seem a bit daunting, especially if they branch out or lead to sections of your foundation moving. We recommend getting these checked by a structural engineer to keep your home solid and safe. But sometimes, the solution is as simple as making sure water from your roof is directed away from your house, ensuring further damage is prevented.

Horizontal cracks

Horizontal foundation cracks are the type you need to watch out for. They signal potential serious harm to your home's foundation and structure. They show up in concrete foundations but are most common in concrete block or brick ones.

These cracks result from high soil pressure, caused by hydrostatic pressure, pushing your basement walls inward. Discovering such damage calls for immediate action and comprehensive repairs to prevent jeopardy to your home's structure. This typically involves foundation reinforcement to avert further damage.
Botched Repairs

When good intentions go horribly wrong...

Wondering if we can fix a foundation crack already patched up by someone else? The answer varies based on how it was originally repaired. The simplest way for us to help is for you to snap a photo and shoot it over using our online form. This quick step can tell us a lot about whether we can lend a hand. If it's still unclear, no worries—we'll arrange to come and take a closer look.
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Botched repair using hydraulic cement and polyurethane injection
Completed repair using two part epoxy injection