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Sump pump systems

When your sump pump takes a backseat, water problems don't. Basements shouldn't be swimming pools—that's why we're here.
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Sump pump systems h&n basement worx

Keep your basement dry with sump pump solutions that work

Sump pumps are the unsung heroes of a dry basement, often overlooked until trouble strikes. A breakdown can lead to a big, wet problem that nobody wants. Our team at H&N Basement Worx knows too well the frustration of a failed sump pump and the havoc it wreaks. That's why we're here, not just to fix issues but to prevent them. Unsure about the state of your sump pump or considering an upgrade? We've got just the solutions for your sump pump replacement and sump pump installation needs.
Sump pump systems h&n basement worx
At H&N Basement Worx, we're here to help with both replacing old sump pumps and putting in brand-new systems. We stick with Liberty Pumps because they've never let us down and they help us keep our promise of top-notch quality to you.

New sump pump system installation process

Step One: Select a location in your home that can house a 2’x 2’ plastic basin.

Step Two: Remove the concrete layer and excavate the soil from beneath.

Step Three: Install the plastic sump basin into the hole and level it out.

Step Four: Surround the plastic basin with ¾” clear gravel

Step Five: Install sump pump and check valve into basin

Step Six: Core a hole through house envelope and install 1 ½” abs discharge line

Step Seven: Test pump to ensure it is functioning properly & install sealed lid

Step Eight: Seal around the sump basin with new concrete and trowel smooth