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Using our experience and knowledge to properly diagnose your foundation problem is the first step we’ll take together.  Explaining the problem and ultimately the right solution in Plain English so you understand it is what you’ll get next.  We don’t use high pressure sales or scare tactics nor do we try to sell you more than what you actually need.  You’ll get down-home honest to goodness advice for whatever problem exists in your basement!

Friendly Experienced Crews

Service with a Smile is what people have come to expect when working with our crews. At the end of the day we want to leave you with the impression that we treated your house as if it were our own.  If we find something unexpected we won’t cut corners and just leave it, we’ll notify you immediately and decide what to do before moving forward.  We’re one of the most honest and ethical foundation contractors around, just ask some of our many references before you make the move to work with us!

Guaranteed Repairs!

Do we do good work? Heck yeah we do but you know the ole saying – actions speak louder than words.  When you make the decision to work with us we’ll back up that decision and send you one of our “NO LEAK GUARANTEES” so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  To get in touch with us simply click here and tell us about the foundation issue you’re faced with!

What our customers have to say…

After receiving quotes from 3 companies ranging from $ 4300 to $ 9300 with very different ideas on how to fix our water issue, we were referred to Dave. Thank you to the friends who told us about H&N Basement Worx! Dave looked around, suggested we have the mold and walls removed then he would have a clear picture of what the issue was. Well, it turned out to be a leaky pipe, no need to dig outside or inside. Pipe repaired and issue resolved. Thank you for your professionalism and honesty, Dave. You are now our go-to guy.
My basement had over a foot of water in it. Dave and his team came over and made the best suggestion and also had the best price compared to all the other local companies. My basement now has an apartment in it.
We had a leak in our basement and took a chance on H&N Basementworx. And are we ever glad we did! They were fantastic. Dave came in, quoted a price and a timeframe and they stuck to both. His crew were very professional, very thorough and had the job done exactly how and when they said they would. We now aren't the least worried about the leak recurring. I would highly recommend Dave and his company for any basement issues.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing – Should you go the route of External Waterproofing or does Interior Waterproofing better suit your situation? The age old debate as to which method is better exterior waterproofing vs. interior waterproofing ultimately depends on certain factors that surround your house. Factors like: foundation type, what kind of soil surrounds your home, do you have room for excavated soil, is there a deck attached to your house, does your driveway run beside your house, do you have expensive landscaping, is your basement finished?

We know there is water getting into your basement and there are many things to consider when completing a project of this type.  If you have to gut the entire basement in order to get an interior waterproofing system installed you should think about the rebuild costs.  Perhaps it makes more sense to go externally.  However if you have extensive obstacles on the exterior side of your home, the replacement of those obstacles may be even more overwhelming.

We’ll help you understand what’s required and what makes the most sense based on the factors that you are faced with so you can prepare a plan.  Making a decision based on a solid plan will leave you feeling much less stressed when it’s time to move forward with the required repairs.

Foundation Repair

If you’re experiencing drywall cracks on the main floor of your home or step cracking in your exterior bricks, chances are you have some form of structural foundation damage. Determining the proper foundation repair method is something you shouldn’t take lightly, after all your foundation is what holds your house up!

There are a number of foundation repair methods and materials we use to stabilize and reinforce foundations that have structural issues. Each one has a specific requirement and is typically designed for the foundation type we encounter.  When we are faced with any type of structural problem we highly recommend hiring a structural engineer to inspect and provide advice on how to proceed.  Doing this protects you as the home owner, us as the contractor and ensures the repair is done right using the proper procedure.

Once an engineer has recommended the right foundation repair the next step is to acquire a set of engineered drawings.  These drawings provide you with the plan of attack so to speak.  They give contractors like us the blue print to properly prepare a quote for the repair itself.

If you’ve had a few contractors in to inspect your foundation issue and they did not discuss using a structural engineer or the fact that you need engineered drawings in order to obtain a building permit to perform a structural foundation repair you should be weary of using their services.  Chances are if they’re steering you away from getting a building permit there’s usually a reason why….you really don’t want to find out about it the hard way!

Crack Repair

So you’ve discovered a Foundation Crack and you’re scouring the internet looking for the right company to repair it for you.  I bet you didn’t think there were so many companies around offering foundation crack repair services did you?  Well, before you go any further and get confused about which foundation crack repair company is any better, any worse or any different than any of the others…let us help you understand the right way to go about fixing that pesky foundation crack.

Determining your foundation type is the first step in deciding which repair method is right for your circumstance.  If you have a poured concrete foundation you’re going to want to click here to learn about our most common repair procedure.  Once there you will also learn about the different types of cracks that show up in poured concrete foundations and how we are able to address them.  The majority of cracks we encounter in poured concrete foundations are easily repaired and at a cost that is palatable.

If you have a concrete block foundation that has cracking in the mortar joints or through the blocks themselves you will want to click here.  Repairing foundation cracks in this type of foundation is a little more involved and takes a lot more to explain.  These types of foundations have the ability to move in different directions due to their construction.  In most cases we have to perform a physical inspection of these foundations so we can properly diagnose the proper repair method.

No matter what foundation type you have we will consult with you on what the best course of action is to take without using any high pressure sales or scare tactics.  We want you to take the time to talk it over with your significant other so you can make a comfortable and informed decision.  After all it isn’t every day you have to deal with a foundation problem!

Sump Pumps

Whether you’re in the market for a replacement sump pump, a new battery back-up sump pump or a whole new sump pump system because you don’t have one in your basement you’ve come to the right place!  A sump pump system is perhaps one of the most neglected systems in your home…until there’s a problem that is.  Ensuring your sump pump is working properly should really be high on the priority list as it’s the only thing keeping your basement from becoming a big wet mess.

Over the past few years our weather patterns have changed brining along strange weather occurrences like rain in the months of January and February along with earlier than normal thaws.  The problem with this is when the ground is frozen the water isn’t absorbed into the ground, so where does it end up??  That’s right beside and under your foundation!  This is when we see homes experience “flash seepage” issues that haven’t been there before.  It can be a false positive but the end result is a basement that starts to leak due to hydrostatic pressure under the floor slab.

If you already have a sump pump system in your basement it’s a good idea to ensure it is working optimally.  If you do not have a sump pump system and you’ve noticed some minor seepage in your basement it might be a good idea to have one installed.  There are certain area’s in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford that are more prone to seeing this condition occur.  If you would like to learn more about the sump pump products we offer click here.

Message from Basement Worx owner Dave Carson

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