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Injectable foundation repairs

Noticed a leak around a pipe penetration or rod hole? These are common issues that might seem daunting, but don't worry—we're here to help with all your foundation repair needs.
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Injectable foundation repairs h&n basement worx

When unique foundation cracks require unique repair solutions.

Foundation cracks and leaks around pipe penetrations and rod holes can set off alarm bells. Here’s the simple truth: These issues are signs your home’s foundation might need a bit of TLC. Pipe penetrations and rod holes are common spots for leaks, especially as homes settle and materials age.

Pipe penetration

At H&N Basement Worx, we’re the experts in foundation cracks and crack repair—especially when it comes to pipe penetrations. These are areas in your foundation where holes have been made to accommodate essential services like water, sewer, and gas lines. Sometimes, these spots can allow water to sneak in, leading to bigger problems.

When exterior access is a challenge, we've got the perfect solution. Our team uses a trusted expansion resin to seamlessly fill any gaps, stopping leaks in their tracks and protecting your foundation. Trust us to provide quick, effective crack repair, giving you peace of mind with every job we do.

Rod holes & snap ties

Ever noticed small holes in your basement's foundation and wondered what they are? Let's clear that up. These holes, called rod holes and snap ties, are leftovers from the construction process. They helped keep your foundation secure while it was being built but can become leaky nuisances over time.

At H&N Basement Worx, we specialize in turning those worrisome leaks into a thing of the past. Our straightforward injection process seals these openings, safeguarding your foundation against water damage. With our local roots and commitment to quality, you can trust us to handle your foundation crack repair needs effectively. Get in touch now for a service that promises peace of mind and does exactly what we say, without the extra cost.