Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Systems

Sump pump systems are an extremely important part of your household but are typically one of the most neglected.  When your sump pump needs to perform and do its job most people take it for granted that it will just come on without thinking twice. If you live in a home that has a sump pump system and have experienced a failure we don’t need to tell how frustrating can be to deal with the aftermath.  A flooded basement is no joke.

For this reason we offer sump pump replacement and new sump pump system installations.  We only use one brand of sump pumps (Liberty Pumps) due to a great experience over the years and also to keep our quality levels as consistent as possible.

If you currently have a sump pump system in your basement and would like a quote to replace the pump or add an emergency back-up sump pump call 289-880-7988 or contact us today and send us a request.  If you know the size of your pump you can click on one of the sump pump pictures below to learn more about the sump pumps we use.

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New Sump Pump Systems

If you currently DO NOT have a sump pump system and want to learn more about having one installed we have put together a short process map to depicting how we install new sump pump systems.

New Sump Pump System Installation:

Step One: Select a location in your home that can house a 2’x 2’ plastic basin.

Step Two: Remove the concrete layer and excavate the soil from beneath.

Step Three: Install the plastic sump basin into the hole and level it out.

Step Four: Surround the plastic basin with ¾” clear gravel

Step Five: Install sump pump and check valve into basin

Step Six: Core a hole through house envelope and install 1 ½” abs discharge line

Step Seven: Test pump to ensure it is functioning properly & install sealed lid

Step Eight: Seal around the sump basin with new concrete and trowel smooth

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