Foundation Repair

Block Foundation Repair

Whether you have step cracking, bowed walls, shifting or shearing block foundation walls this is the page you want to visit.  Here we will discuss the repair methods we use to stabilize and reinforce block foundations.

Poured Concrete Foundation Repair

When you need to repair more than just a crack in your poured concrete foundation this is your page. Here you will see some examples of other poured concrete foundation problems and what we had to do in order to secure them properly.

Stone Foundation Repair

Having a Stone Foundation that is in need of repair can be a little stressful.  They were built before there were building codes in place so repairing them can sometimes be an adventure.  Follow on through to the next page and learn more about the issues we find with these foundation and the repair methods we use to secure them.

Carbon Fiber

Just like the automotive & aerospace industries carbon fiber plays a pretty important roll in foundation repair.  Its light weight and incredible strength make foundation repairs extremely reliable and less obtrusive than steel.  Take a look inside to see how we’ve adopted it into our foundation repair process.

Guaranteed Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Solutions